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Hi, I’m Danny, founder and owner of WORK Bootcamp and Personal Training

Welcome to my award-winning business, that has grown from a passion and hobby into a community gym and award-winning fitness brand.

I’ve always had an interest in a range of sports, although I largely remained as a spectator, until I reached my 30s, when I was challenged to test my own fitness by setting a goal to run a marathon. Before this, I had barely run for a bus. I then began to research marathon training and as part of starting my own fitness journey, I joined a regular ‘Bootcamp’ to give me direction, structure, and focus, as well as the benefits of wider group encouragement that comes with group fitness. Fast forward a few years and I was well on my way to the 27 marathons, 6 ultra marathons and numerous other challenges like Coast to Coast, Tough Mudders and The Mighty Deerstalker to name a few. These grew my passion for physical fitness and the connection between being active and overall physical and mental wellbeing. 
Finding the multiple benefits of my personal physical fitness journey, inspired me to encourage others to do the same. I then succeeded in becoming a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist and began with a ‘hobby’ in running local outdoor ‘Bootcamps’ for all abilities. The success of this grew and the desire and demand to provide group and 1-1 fitness coaching led to me acquiring premises to develop a local facility with a fully equipped Gym and Spin studio where I offer a range of group and 1-1 fitness classes for all, alongside continuing to use the great outdoors. I was then overwhelmed to win Outdoor Fitness Class of the year 2023 at the Scottish Health and Fitness Awards and was shortlisted in Best Small Gym and Best Male Personal Trainer categories.
I believe that the main barriers to achieving improved fitness and achieving goals are predominantly in the mind and therefore seek to understand each client’s beliefs in what their own challenges and barriers are, to enable them to alter these and achieve improved physical and in turn mental health. I do this by working with each client (even in group sessions) to support and encourage achievable progress and maintenance at a pace that suits them.
In recognition of some of the challenges of life’s journey, I have added further to my qualifications to become qualified menopausal coach. This has enabled me to understand the impact of this period of life in order to adapt my training to support those changes in a positive way. I also have experience of working with those with physical and cognitive disabilities, as I believe that everyone should have support to achieve their full potential. 
I am friendly, inclusive, and welcoming to all, as are all the group sessions. I specialise in weight loss/gainbuilding muscle, injury rehabilitation and improving general health and fitness, with many success stories to date (see testimonials link)
I welcome all enquiries to assist you in finding your journey to improvement. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your goals. WORK Bootcamp and Personal Training is more than just a business to me, it is an approach to supporting anyone on a journey to improving and maintaining their overall physical and mental health. 

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Fitness & mental health

Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. It can also get you out in the world, help to reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation, and put you in touch with other people.

Fat and Weight Loss

With 90% of my clients, this is our top priority. By carrying too much body fat it affects all parts of our lives. From stopping you seeing the muscle you’ve built underneath it, to feeling exhausted by carrying too much of it, we start by focusing on fat reduction which will cause a dramatic effect to your energy, mood and physique. This is done through sensible eating and a weights based training regime.

The Benfits of….

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling classes help you shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost your muscle endurance. Your legs will get a serious workout. By the end of class, you’ll have a steady stream of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins. Our bikes are professional studio bikes with adjustable resistance tailored to replicate an outdoor cycle, aided by the beat of music.


Boosts Mental Health. We have spoken time and time again about the mental health benefits of exercising.

• Challenges Your Body.
• Relieves Stress.
• Access to Cleaner Air.
• It’s Accessible.
• Burns More Calories.
• Enhances Self-Esteem

Cardio / Gym

Increase Muscle Size and Strength. Strength training can help increase muscle size and strength,

Improve Cardiovascular Health.
Increase Bone Density.
Stabilize and Protect Joints.
Reduce Body Fat.
Support Mental Well-being.
Improve Sleep Quality.


Boxercise is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers. Sessions typically involve hitting focus pads but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout which is great for stress busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels



Indoor Cycling


Personal Training

One-to-one personal training has been proven to be the most successful way to reach health and fitness goals. Danny has an extensive knowledge to help his clients achieve all their targets

Work Bootcamp has completely transformed my life. I started going to classes in October 23 after being on a weight loss journey since August 23 and I’ve never looked back. I always struggled to find an exercise that I liked but in Boxercise and Bootcamp I’ve found something that I actually love. It’s never a chore going to class and in fact I actively look forward to it. The classes are adaptable to all fitness levels and you can give as much as you can. Danny is a really supportive trainer and I’ve met so many lovely people through the classes who make you feel so welcome the minute you walk through the door.

I Would highly recommend Danny at Work Bootcamp & Personal Training . Danny has been training our son who has a range of both learning and physical disabilities. He is a very calm patient and encouraging trainer who adapts his training methods to suit Calum’s disabilities.

Jan Finnigan

Highly recommend Danny as a PT and for his fantastic spin classes! Pushes when he knows you can get more out of yourself & can see the balance of when you’re too tired.
Thanks for guiding me in creating much better fitness habits Danny!
Nokyin Lee
I would recommend Danny to everyone.. I’ve been doing PT for 10 weeks feel so much healthier and my fitness levels are much higher.. I’ve lost weight and inches and could never have done it without his help .. I’m living the dream and digging deep every week and long may it continue .. Thank you Danny
Tracey Mcdiarmid
I decided to go to PT after a long period of working from home and doing little activity resulting in weight gain. I have trained with Danny for just under 6 weeks and lost 1st and 1lb. Danny has been fantastic understanding my goals, putting together an excellent programme and pushing me to hit my goals.
I highly recommend Danny if you want to lose some weight or even just get fit.
Gary Parker
Just finished a 12 week block booking with Danny where I really wanted to sharpen up my core for Paddleboarding… I do a few other activities during the week so Danny concentrated on complementing those activities whilst focusing on my strength & conditioning which improved my core strength from being able to complete the plank for 90 seconds on my first session to being able to complete the plank for 5 minutes & 30 seconds on my last session … Would truly recommend as results have been phenomenal 😊
Ally Stewart
“I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Danny, the amazing trainer behind “Work Boot Camp.” Through his personal training sessions, Danny has been instrumental in transforming my strength and confidence. His approach is refreshing, as he genuinely cares about his clients’ progress and growth, never judging but supporting us to improve at our own pace. This is not your typical gym for superficial selfies and Instagram posts; instead, it’s a place where you truly understand yourself and push that extra 1% every time.
Working with Danny has been a life-changing experience, not just physically but also mentally. His dedication to improving our mental health alongside our physical strength sets him apart from others in the industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Danny and “Work Boot Camp” to anyone seeking genuine self-improvement and a supportive fitness journey. Thank you, Danny, for making a positive impact on my life!”
Warrick Godfrey 


Pay As You Go:

£7 per session

Indoor Cycling:

£35 per month

Unlimited Indoor Cycle Sessions


£35 per month

Unlimited Bootcamp Sessions

Combined Membership:

£35 per month

Unlimited Indoor Cycle & Bootcamp Sessions

Personal Training:

£175 6 Sessions
£300 12 Sessions